Every Child Has a Story
Every Child Has a Story

Our Programs

We help where the need is greatest. Here's a list of the programs we offer:


  • Speech Crafters Speech and Debate Club: Building communication skills through workshops and club memberships. An online module currently is in development.
  • Speech Crafters Speech and Debate Club On-Site: Providing our public speaking program on-site within local area after-school programs.
  • Speak Out ~ Write Now Online Academy: This online global academy is the go to place for speakers, writers and Jr. CEOs wishing to fine tune presentation, writing and entreprenuerial skills but are not able to attend regular sessions. If you have WiFi you can join the academy from anyplace in the world!  JOIN Now
  • Speak Out ~ Write Now Conference:  An annual event held the second Saturday in June bringing together children during extraordinary things from multiple communities. Learn how to become a public speaker or an author. They demonstrate to their peers the power of confidence and its endless possibilities.
  •  The Writer's Vibe: Writing club that creates published authors and a creative digital magazine compiled, created and operated by club members.  Currently they are writing to enter a contest with three first place winners. prizes are $1000 cash and a book deal with MacKenzie Press!!!
  • Teen Leadership Initiative: a leadership program designed to create tomorrow's leaders today.
  • Jr. CEO Academy Huntsville: Program where powerful local entrepreneurs coach kids in business techniques, strategies and concepts whose dream is to become entrepreneurs. Workshops scheduled regularly for one on one training. We provide real life experience to build and grow a business from the ground up! 

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Village Discussion: Let's Talk about Bullying 2/27/2019


Speak Out ~ Write Now Online Academy is ready for enrollment. 


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