Every Child Has a Story
Every Child Has a Story

Great Sponsors are Priceless!

Every Child Has a Story has been fortunate to partner with sponsors who believe in our mission, support our Big vision and we are so appreciative of all they do. When businesses invest into the communities a relationship is formed that makes everything possible. We simply could not do what we do without them. 


That is why we are especially happy to introduce them to you!  Do you have a business and want to support us by helping with our work? Click HERE to see our Sponsor Package.



The Stone Is a place where people are embraced, the church is united & everyone is empowered. Join us for one of our weekly service times!


Viola's House  is our community food bank where we provide food to all who need it. No strings attached. Come and be blessed. Every third Sunday from 2pm-4pm (CST). We are committed to serving families in our local area. Fighting Hunger! Feeding The Community.

Located: 3220 Lodge Road, Huntsville AL

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Leto Lounge & Studio offers a unique entertainment and dining experience. Our lounge features entertainment, theme nights, networking and more. If you're looking to enhance your entertainment experience with cocktails, cuisine, and conversations, then Leto Lounge is for you. 


Huntsville Inner City Learning Center 



We LOVE our annual 5K Give It Back Track! Each year the supporters and children of the HI​CLC run this race to bless an organization. We raised more than $5,500 and donated all proceeds to Kids to Love in our 5K Give It Back Track in 2017. We invite you to join us May 12, 2018 for another exciting opportunity to give back to our community.

This year they will “give back” to Every Child Has a Story.  Located in Huntsville this organization empowers children and teens by building stellar communication skills and self-confidence while connecting families in a reciprocal learning experience.  This is accomplished through Speech Crafters Speech and Debate Club, “The Only Public Speaking Club for Kids and Teens in AL,” and “The Writer’s Vibe,” “Empowering the Voices of Today’s Youth Through Words.”  The volunteers of Every Child Has a Story strive to create tomorrow’s leaders by equipping them with the tools needed to make good decisions and be responsible citizens.

The Huntsville Inner City Learning Center is an after-school program helping to build a spiritual, educational, and moral foundation for students in Huntsville’s inner city. We serve approximately 70 children, from K – 8th grades. Four days each week, the children are offered a highly structured, disciplined program aimed at helping them succeed in school and in their personal lives. The program features a rigorous exercise program, in-depth Bible study with healthy snacks, nutritious dinner, and tutoring/mentoring.  For more information: http://hiclc.org/




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Village Discussion: Let's Talk about Bullying 2/27/2019


Speak Out ~ Write Now Online Academy is ready for enrollment. 


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